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Creating Robust HACCP Plans (FSA01)

It’s easy to take food for granted, isn’t it? It’s there, every day, keeping you going; whether it’s a romantic meal at your favorite restaurant, or grabbing a breakfast bagel as you head to work. But food is actually a delicate thing that can become dangerous to consume when handled incorrectly.

The food industry is duty-bound to ensure food risks are minimized. But doing that takes robust planning. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, or HACCP, planning is an essential part of that. But what is HACCP planning, and how do you create watertight plans? Well, this course has the answers.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

• Recognize and describe the necessary components of HACCP plans
• Identify all the areas of your business that need covering in your HACCP planning
• Begin to develop an HACCP plan for your business

Why take this course?

This course is for managers or people in charge of health and safety. It’ll give you the need-to-know information about what to include in HACCP planning, and what areas of your business must be covered by it. You’ll also see how to create an HACCP plan of your own.

10 mins | SCORM | Infographic

Version Date: 2022/08/19

  • Creating Robust HACCP Plans
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