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Managing Food Safety (PMEx) (MFS-PMEx)

Food handlers deserve effective and engaging training that enhances their knowledge of safe food handling practices, guidelines, and policies to ensure a safe workplace and a positive experience for customers.

Managing Food Safety (MFS) is a nationally approved online certification course that effectively teaches food handlers the importance of preparing and serving food safely, using engaging interactive elements to make the experience memorable for all learners.

**System requirements for the final exam : a desktop or laptop computer (no mobile devices), running Windows or Mac OS, a recent version of Google Chrome, a stable internet connection, a web cam, speakers (no headphones) and a microphone **

To start the course click the "Before You Start!" link below.

8 hours including exam

Version Date: 2020/01/08

  • Instructions and Welcome
  • Before You Start!
  • Technical Support Form
  • Module 1 : Welcome
  • Training Modules
  • Module 2 : Importance of Food Safety
  • Module 3 : Regulations
  • Module 4: Biological Hazards
  • Module 5: Chemical, Physical and Allergen Hazards
  • Module 6: Hygiene
  • Module 7: The Thermometer
  • Module 8: Introduction to the Flow of Food
  • Module 9: Purchasing and Receiving
  • Module 10: Storage
  • Module 11: Food Preparation
  • Module 12: Service
  • Module 13: Food Safety Programs
  • Module 14: Facilities and Equipment
  • Module 15: Clean and Sanitize
  • Module 16: Pest Control
  • Course Evaluation
  • Accessing the Exam
  • The next steps to prepare for the exam
  • Exam Introduction and Agreement
  • Book Your Exam Session
  • Before you connect to your Proctor-ME session...
  • MFS Certification Exam
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Module 1 : Welcome, Module 2 : Importance of Food Safety, Module 3 : Regulations, Module 4: Biological Hazards, Module 5: Chemical, Physical and Allergen Hazards, Module 6: Hygiene, Module 7: The Thermometer, Module 8: Introduction to the Flow of Food, Module 9: Purchasing and Receiving, Module 10: Storage, Module 11: Food Preparation, Module 12: Service, Module 13: Food Safety Programs, Module 14: Facilities and Equipment, Module 15: Clean and Sanitize, Module 16: Pest Control, Exam Introduction and Agreement, MFS Certification Exam"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 59 months, 29 days